What should I know about Ceretec before taking it?

Ceretec is eliminated from the body through urine. Since Ceretec is labeled with a radioactive agent, your doctor will give you special instructions on precautions that will need to be taken to minimize exposure and risk. People receiving Ceretec should urinate as soon as possible after the imaging scan. They should continue to drink fluids to help pass the medication out of their system. Ceretec can be passed to a nursing infant through breast milk, so women should not take the medication and continue to breast-feed. Ceretec however, is eliminated from the body fairly quickly. It is recommended that breast-feeding women substitute formula feedings for 60 hours after receiving Ceretec. It is not known if Ceretec can harm a developing fetus. Women who are pregnant should discuss with their doctor the risks and benefits of using Ceretec. Ceretec exits the body through the kidneys. People with decreased or impaired kidney functioning should use Ceretec with caution. The safety and effectiveness of Ceretec in children has not been established.

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