What should I know about sodium iodide I 131 before taking it?

Depending on your dosage, you will have to take certain precautions while using sodium iodide I 131. If you are receiving sodium iodide I 131 for thyroid cancer or a hyperactive thyroid, you must sleep alone and avoid having sex, kissing and sharing personal items for several days. In addition, you must not maintain close contact with anyone, particularly children and pregnant women. You must use separate bed linens, utensils, towels and washcloths, and you should flush the toilet twice after using it. This will help keep you from spreading radioactive materials to others. Drinking ample amounts of fluids after you are given sodium iodide I 131 will help flush it out of your system. Talk to your doctor before taking sodium iodide I 131 if you have heart or kidney diseases or if you have conditions that cause you to have diarrhea and vomit. This drug is known to cause birth defects, so pregnant women should not use it.  

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