Are there any risks in taking oxytocin?


There are a number of risks in taking oxytocin. There is a risk of complications from the drug. In rare cases, oxytocin has stimulated the uterus to contract too strongly, which has caused it to tear. Especially strong contractions may also limit blood and oxygen supply to the baby. Oxytocin can also put a newborn at risk for eye problems like hemorrhaging of the retina or for jaundice.

There is a risk of side effects from taking oxytocin, but these effects are uncommon. Less serious side effects such as loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, or redness or irritation where oxytocin is injected occur more often than serious side effects. Serious side effects may include allergic reaction, breathing trouble, chest pain, confusion, excessive vaginal bleeding, irregular heartbeat, rash, seizure, severe headache, swelling, sudden weight gain, or trouble urinating. When oxytocin is administered you should be in a clinical setting with healthcare practitioners who can address these serious side effects.

If you are concerned about the risks of taking oxytocin, talk to your doctor.

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