Will an insulin pump improve my blood glucose control?

It depends on the individual. Insulin pumps require you to pay close attention to your blood glucose levels and to adjust your insulin, food, and exercise to achieve good readings. With an insulin pump, you can vary your mealtime schedule more readily than with insulin injections, and you can skip a meal when you must. There is more flexibility for people with unpredictable mealtimes. Discuss the pros and cons of using an insulin pump and whether you are a good candidate for having one with your health care team before purchasing one. Also, because they are expensive, check whether your insurance company will help cover the cost.
William Lee Dubois
Endocrinology Diabetes & Metabolism

A pump replaces your syringe, not your brain. Pumps can make life a lot easier (disclaimer: I wear one), and theoretically allow you to reach new levels of micro management in terms of insulin delivery volume and variation. But simply wearing a pump in no way guarantees improved control. That said, I do believe that wearing a pump gives you the opportunity to have improved control, but you need the right mind-set to get the most out of them.

You can’t just slap one on and go your merry way. It can take considerable time to work out all the myriad details of getting your settings just right for you and your diabetes. Used in the right way, a pump can improve your blood glucose control; but used in a sloppy fashion, can actually make it worse.

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