What are the different types of glucose monitors?

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    There are about 75 different kinds of glucose monitors. They all do the same essential thing -- they let you measure your blood sugar (glucose) levels at home or when you are traveling. They work by analyzing a pinprick of blood that you put on a special strip and feed into the machine.

    All glucose meters in the United States report the results in milligrams of glucose per deciliter of blood (mg/dL). They differ in the amount of blood needed for each test, ease of use, pain associated with use, accuracy, testing speed, size, ability to store results in memory, cost of the meter, cost of the strips, special features and technical support from the manufacturer. To find a good one, start by asking your doctor for a recommendation.
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    There are basically two types of blood glucose monitors: the most common one, by far, is simply called a glucose monitor or glucose meter. It involves pricking a finger with a tiny needle called a lancet and placing a drop of blood on a test strip. The monitor reads the strip for your blood glucose level. They're quick -- you'll know your number within seconds. The other option, relatively new and rapidly improving, is a continuous glucose monitor, or CGM.
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