Is there an alternative treatment for diabetes?
Some people use dietary supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E in the hopes of stabilizing their blood glucose. Still others seek ayurvedic interventions, which include herbal therapy and yoga. There are also people who claim that cinnamon can lower blood sugar, most studies indicate that this is not an effective remedy.

Although some of these treatments may help symptoms related to diabetes, others might be harmful. Speak to your doctor before attempting any complementary or alternative treatments for your diabetes. The best treatments for diabetes are conventional: diet, exercise, blood glucose monitoring, and, in some cases, medication such as insulin.
William Lee Dubois
Endocrinology Diabetes & Metabolism

There're lots of alternatives when it comes to treating diabetes, but that might not quite be what you were asking.

If you wanted to know if cinnamon, ginseng, colored light, or noni juice will treat your diabetes, the answer is no. If you wanted to know if you have choices, the answer is yes.

Don’t get me wrong, I'm open minded. After all, aspirin is just willow bark. It's absolutely possible that we’ll discover some simple, natural substance that might help control diabetes. But it hasn’t happened yet, and your life is waaaaaaay to precious to risk on therapies that haven't been studied and proven to work, don’t you think?

So let me give you a quick summary of alternatives that have been proven to work.

First is my personal least favorite. Diet and exercise. No fun, and hard to do, but this is a time proven way to treat the most common form of diabetes, Type-2. If you lose weight and eat smart you can make amazing changes in your health, blood sugar wise. If you lean towards alternative treatments are a pharma-phobic, you might prefer to tackle your diabetes in this way. But just remember that it is easier to change your gender than your diet. Diet change is damn hard work.

After lifestyle change we have pills. We’ve got pills that keep your liver from releasing too much sugar when you sleep, we’ve got pills that make your pancreas produce more insulin, we’ve got pills that lower your insulin resistance, and we have exotic new pills that control counter-regulatory hormones that if out of whack, make you hungry all the time.

After pills we have shots. There's insulin, of course, but there’s also a whole new type of injectable medication that goes right to the heart of the digestive process that is darn close to a miracle drug for many people.

And with the growth of diabetes nothing short of explosive, there are dozens and dozens of new drugs in the pipe line

That’s probably not the alternative treatment you were looking for, but I like having so many alternatives to choose from.

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Diabetes mellitus (MEL-ih-tus), often referred to as diabetes, is characterized by high blood glucose (sugar) levels that result from the body’s inability to produce enough insulin and/or effectively utilize the insulin. Diabetes ...

is a serious, life-long condition and the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism (the body's way of digesting food and converting it into energy). There are three forms of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that accounts for five- to 10-percent of all diagnosed cases of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes may account for 90- to 95-percent of all diagnosed cases. The third type of diabetes occurs in pregnancy and is referred to as gestational diabetes. Left untreated, gestational diabetes can cause health issues for pregnant women and their babies. People with diabetes can take preventive steps to control this disease and decrease the risk of further complications.

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