How do glucose monitor kits work?

Glucose monitor kits require a small sample of blood. In most cases, a lancet is used to prick the fingertip causing a small drop of blood to surface. Some glucose monitor kits are designed to be used on other locations such as your forearm, upper arm, thumb, thigh, or calf. The drop of blood is then placed on a test strip and inserted in to your glucose monitor device. These test strips are previously treated with a solution that reacts with the glucose in your blood. Glucose monitors then analyze this sample by either measuring the amount of electricity that travels through the strip or the amount of light that is reflected off the strip. A digital display will show your results measured in milligrams of glucose per deciliter of blood (mg/dL).


Although most at-home glucose monitor kits work similarly, be sure that you completely read the instructions enclosed with yours. Also, follow your doctor’s instructions. This will reduce your risk getting incorrect blood sugar readings.

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