Can glucose balance supplements increase weight loss?

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    The gymnema in glucose balance supplements has been known to assist in weight loss. The reason is that gymnema decreases sweet cravings, which may be effective in discouraging the consumption of sweets while dieting. So while glucose balance supplements are not technically part of an official weight loss plan, they can be helpful when taken in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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    Dr. Oz has had PGX featured on his show at least 4 times. Dr. Mark Hyman discussing it most recently. Why? Because PGX is showing significant ability to help stabilize blood sugar levels. When that happens, a person doesn't have the dramatic ups and downs in fluctuation and that helps reduce cravings. Another effect of PGX is that it fills the stomach up with fiber, a sticky, semi-solid mass of fiber that makes the stomach stop sending appetite hormones to the brain and signals satiety or fullness. This feeling of fullness lasts for hours after a healthy sized meal and thus makes appetite control real and possible, and that helps with weight loss.

    I personally have lost 40 lbs. using PGX, and have heard from people losing over 100 with it!


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