Why should I care about blood sugar if I don't have diabetes?

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    Dr. Mark Hyman - Why should I care about blood sugar if I don't have diabetes?
    Blood sugar problems affect roughly half of all Americans. To find out why people with diabetes aren't the only ones who need to worry about blood sugar, watch this video.
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    Yep, I know how it is. You don't have diabetes, so you're going to blow off thinking about blood sugar faster than a flight attendant blows off a flirty coach passenger. And that would be a mistake. You may think your blood sugar—which is a substance that can damage your arteries if levels are too high—is normal, but most blood sugar levels are recorded when you've fasted. Having "normal" levels (under 100 mg/dl) for fasting and for after meals (under 140 mg/dl) are important. Why? Because there's a good chance that even with normal blood sugar levels, your blood sugar may rise significantly throughout the day as you eat.
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