Are bleeding gums normal in people with diabetes?

If you have diabetes, you are at greater risk for some oral health problems, including gum disease. Gums that bleed can be a warning sign for gum disease or other oral health problems. Regular bleeding is not normal and you should see your dentist immediately. He/she can diagnose the cause of the bleeding and provide treatment. It is best to catch the problem earlier, when treatment is easier and there is less chance for the problem to escalate.
Carol Jahn

People with diabetes are a greater risk for gum disease and may have gums that bleed easily. However, you should never consider this 'normal'. Bleeding is generally a symptom of gingivitis. If you haven't seen a dental professional in the last six months, it's a good time to make an appointment to have your mouth thoroughly evaluated. Stepping up your daily home care can also make a difference. Make sure you are cleaning between your teeth in addition to toot brushing with either dental floss, a toothpick, interdental brush, or a water flossier. 

Occasionally gums may bleed after brushing or flossing but persistent bleeding is not normal. It is commonly believed that bleeding gums are normal. If your gums bleed and you have diabetes you should see your dentist. People with diabetes have an increased risk for oral health complications. If bleeding frequently occurs when you brush your teeth or after your eat, or after carefully flossing, this could be a sign that you're having problems and you need to see a dentist.

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