Why are women with diabetes pre-disposed to recurrent yeast infections?

William Lee Dubois
Endocrinology Diabetes & Metabolism

For yeast to be happy and grow it likes dark, moist places with lots of food. For yeast, food is sugar. So if you are a diabetic female with high blood sugars there is a part of your body that is a perfect yeast incubator. You know, down there…. umm... between your legs.

The good news here is that simply being diabetic doesn’t really increase your risk of getting frequent yeast infections. After all, the whole dark, moist thing you share with every other woman on the planet, right? The best thing you can do to lower your yeast infection risk to average is to cut off the yeast’s food supply. And that means keeping your blood sugar as normal as possible.

The increased glucose (sugar) in your body is the perfect fuel to encourage the growth of yeast.

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