How can I stop worrying so much about diabetes complications?

First, do everything you can to prevent them. Keeping your blood glucose close to normal makes complications less likely, and that might help you worry less. Talk to your health care providers on a regular basis. They can help you take better care of yourself and check to see if you have any signs of complications, so any problems can be treated as quickly as possible. Knowing you have good care and good control can put a lot of fears to rest.
Share your feelings with family or friends who might be able to offer support. Consider joining a diabetes support group. There you will see that your feelings are not that unusual (and probably pick up some new tips for improving your glucose control). It can also help to connect with the sources of confidence and peace of mind that mean the most to you. Religious faith can be a tremendous source of strength and serenity, and so can the loving support of family and friends. Also, the self-confidence you feel when you know you are taking good care of yourself can be a great comfort.

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