How is diabetes-related sexual dysfunction in women treated?

Treatment for diabetes-related sexual dysfunction in women depends on the cause. Women experiencing vaginal dryness should consult with their doctor and/or gynecologist to see if low estrogen levels are the cause. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can reverse this problem in some women. However, estrogen may elevate blood glucose levels in some women. If vaginal dryness is diabetes related, over-the-counter lubricants may be a safer choice. Women should check with their doctor before considering these medications.

The best way for women to avoid diabetes-related sexual dysfunction is to manage their disease well and keep blood glucose levels in control, which will lessen the risk for neuropathy, circulatory problems and chronic infections. Women with good diabetes management habits also have higher energy levels and less anxiety, which contribute to more enjoyable love making. If blood glucose levels aren't where they should be, adjustments to diet, medication and weight loss is beneficial for both diabetes control and self-esteem.

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