How do I care for my feet to help prevent diabetic foot ulcers?

Paul J. Switaj, MD
Orthopedic Surgery
Learn some specific things to do to take care of foot issues caused by diabetes. Watch this video with Paul Switaj, MD from Reston Hospital Center.
Grant L. Beck, DPM
Foot & Ankle Surgery
Closely monitoring the feet (and nothing any changes in the feet), wearing shoes and monitoring blood sugar can help promote foot health in diabetics, according to Grant Beck, DPM, from Sunrise Hospital. Learn more in this video.
Douglas S. Denham, DO
Family Medicine

So what can a diabetic do to prevent foot ulcers? First, check your feet every night, or if you can’t see your feet, have someone else look at them for you. Look for signs of infection, redness, cuts, drainage from the skin. Second, keep your feet clean with soap and water. Next, wear shoes that fit well and are comfortable. Also, keep your diabetes under control.

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