I have diabetes, why do I feel full or nauseous before I finish a meal?

You may have a complication of diabetes causing your symptoms of becoming full while eating that is called "diabetic gastroparesis." It means that the stomach empties very slowly. It is caused by damage to the nerves that control the pace at which food leaves the stomach and gets processed in the gut. Some people experience nausea, while others may only note that they can't eat as much at one time. If the rate of food emptying from your stomach is too slow and you took insulin before the meal, your blood glucose may fall before the food has had a chance to be absorbed. You may have to adjust when you take your insulin injection to prevent low blood glucose and to match the absorption of your carbohydrate.

High-fiber or high-fat foods tend to make gastroparesis worse. There are some medications that can help improve gut function. Talk to your health care team about the best approach for you.

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