Does the pain in my feet have to do with high blood glucose?

The pain in your foot is probably connected to high blood glucose, especially if you have had high blood glucose for many years and the pain has lasted for several months.
Nerves work better when they are surrounded by normal rather than high blood glucose. Discuss your pain with your health care team. Some people find the pain in their feet and legs will decrease when their blood glucose is brought closer to normal. Others find it painful for bedsheets to touch their feet. If you experience this, placing a hoop over the end of the bed so that the sheet is kept off of your feet will provide relief until your blood glucose levels can be lowered. If the problem doesn't go away with improved blood glucose control, then putting capsaicin cream (which is made from chili peppers) on the affected skin may help. Other therapies (especially medication) are also available, so you need to discuss the various choices with your diabetes health care team.

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