Should diabetics worry about foot care?

James Christina
Podiatric Medicine

People with diabetes should be aware of potential complications from diabetes that can affect their feet. It is recommended that people with diabetes have a comprehensive diabetic foot exam yearly. This comprehensive foot examination by a podiatrist will include an evaluation of the blood supply (vascular), the sensation in your feet (neurological), any boney deformities (hammertoes, bunions, etc.) and your skin. Based on this exam, your podiatrist can explain the findings and what risk level you are at based on those findings. Depending on your risk level, you may only need to be seen for evaluation yearly or with greater risk quarterly or even monthly. The podiatrist will also review good foot care with you and how to watch for and avoid problems with your feet. Rather than worrying about foot care, understanding how to care for your feet and getting care based on your level of risk will help you avoid problems and help lessen the worrying.

Diabetics should be concerned about the health of their feet. The nerve damage that can accompany diabetes means that diabetics don't always feel cuts, blisters, or sores below their knees. But small problems can become large ones, and every year, thousands of toe, foot, and leg amputations are performed on the limbs of people with diabetes. Proper foot care can help to prevent this.

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