What aids are available for visually impaired people with diabetes?

Several products are available that make it easier for people who are visually impaired. These include

• Dose gauges to help you measure your insulin accurately - even mixed doses. Some click with every 1 or 2 units of insulin you measure, and others have Braille or raised numbers.

• Needle guides and vial stabilizers to help you insert the needle into the insulin vial correctly. Some of these will also let you set a desired dosage level.

• Syringe magnifiers that can enlarge the measure marks on a syringe barrel. One model combines a magnifier with the needle guide and vial stabilizer. Another clips around the syringe and magnifies the scale.

Some of these aids only fit certain brands of syringes. Make sure that any aids you purchase will fit the equipment you already have. In addition to injection aids, you can also buy blood glucose meters for the visually impaired.

A good source of product information, including products and aids for the visually impaired, is the American Diabetes Association Consumer Guide. The Consumer Guide is published yearly by Diabetes Forecast, the members’ magazine of the American Diabetes Association. The Consumer Guide is also available online at

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