What increases my risk for developing Dercum's disease?


Based on the limited number of recorded cases available, it seems that obese, middle- aged women run the highest risk of getting diagnosed with Dercum's disease. Most cases of Dercum's disease have been obese women who were either menopausal or postmenopausal. However, studies show that only 16 per cent of recorded cases of Dercum's disease were men. Obesity increases the risk of this and other serious health complications, although some cases of Dercum's disease have been reported in people who were not obese.

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Dercum's Disease

Dercum's disease is a rare disease in which you develop growths of fatty tissue called lipomas just under your skin. When these growths press against your nerves, the pain can very severe. Common symptoms of Dercum's are weight ga...

in that is unrelated to diet or exercise, strange accumulations of fat that have an abnormal consistency, feelings of extreme tiredness and pain to the touch in the affected areas. This disease occurs more often in women than in men. There are no specific tests for diagnosing Dercum's disease. If you have symptoms, you should see your doctor or a pain specialist to help control your pain.

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