How is Dercum's disease diagnosed?


Dercum's disease is considered to be an under-diagnosed condition, because previous physicians merely regarded the symptoms as consequences of obesity. But Dercum's disease is clearly distinct in the severity of pain experienced and the presence of lipomas (fatty lumps) on the body. The lipomas are benign tumors (meaning they do not indicate cancer), but they cause intense pain by compressing nerves. Lipomas can also cause disfigurement and can morph into different shapes, spreading pain to a different area. You doctor must use a description of your pain as the means to diagnose you, so it is important to be aware of minute changes in symptoms. Make sure to mention to your doctor if your family members have also been diagnosed with Dercum's disease.

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Dercum's Disease

Dercum's disease is a rare disease in which you develop growths of fatty tissue called lipomas just under your skin. When these growths press against your nerves, the pain can very severe. Common symptoms of Dercum's are weight ga...

in that is unrelated to diet or exercise, strange accumulations of fat that have an abnormal consistency, feelings of extreme tiredness and pain to the touch in the affected areas. This disease occurs more often in women than in men. There are no specific tests for diagnosing Dercum's disease. If you have symptoms, you should see your doctor or a pain specialist to help control your pain.

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