When does a removable partial denture need to be fixed?

A removable denture, whether partial or complete, requires repair or modification when it is broken, chipped, worn either involving teeth or base material, or has fracture lines present that could develop into actual breakage.

If the denture is loose, a reline may be indicated to improve the closeness of the fit to the ridge and gum tissue. This can help prevent overgrowth of the mucosa known as inflammatory denture hyperplasia.

If clasps and rests are broken, a repair or even replacement of the denture may be necessary because they help to support the denture and prevent the denture from settling into the gum.

An ill-fitting or broken denture can lead to inflammation, soreness, difficulty speaking and chewing, and even very serious health problems. Your dentures and your entire mouth should be examined at least annually...serious problems may not necessarily hurt.
Your mouth naturally changes as you age, which can affect the fit of your removable partial denture. Your bone ridges can shrink, making a space under the denture. Food can get trapped. The denture clasps also may get loose from normal wear. Anything that affects the close fit of the removable partial denture can cause irritation and sores.

If the denture needs adjusting, do not adjust it yourself. You can harm both the denture and your health. A badly adjusted partial denture can cause sores and irritation. Do not use household glues because they can have harmful chemicals and may not be useful for fixing your removable partial denture.

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