How will I know if getting a silver dental filling was successful?

Success may depend on many factors and when you make the judgment.

It is important to be aware of the time, care and attention given to you during the filling placement, or any dental treatment. You should be sure that the bite feels natural and is not too tight against the adjacent teeth. Floss should go through the contact areas similar to other areas where teeth are against one another. Of course, the silver filling should be shaped naturally in relation to the other teeth and gums. If all these factors are satisfactory, along with the decay being removed and tooth being carefully prepared and sealed, there is a good chance the filling will have a satisfactory prognosis.

There are always possible problems that may occur however. There may be sensitivity, recurrent decay, need for root canal, and material fracture to name a few. These problems may occur at any time in the life of a tooth. 

The success of any dental restoration is affected by good oral hygiene and regular check-ups to evaluate and maintain your oral health.
You’ll know over time whether your silver dental filling (also known as an amalgam dental filling) is successful. Some pain or sensitivity is common after first getting a filling, but this should go away after a few weeks. If you have pain when you bite, the filling might need to be reshaped so you bite properly. A continuous toothache could mean you have a dead or dying nerve and you might need a root canal. Call your dentist if you’re experiencing problems after getting a silver dental filling. You should continue getting regular dental examinations and cleanings, so your dentist can check the filling and see if it’s worn or has any cracks.

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