How long are immediate dentures effective?

It depends on the meaning of "effective" and whether you follow through with the necessary steps to be able to use your immediate denture effectively for an extended period of time.

Initially, you should notice that the unattractive, non-restorable, periodontally involved, infected teeth are no longer present, and your appearance has improved. At first your face may show signs that extractions have been performed, the bite may need adjustment, sore spots may need to be relieved and you may require time to adapt to the denture. You should expect that there will be learning period for eating, speaking and wearing the denture.

With an immediate denture there may be post-delivery discomfort and uneven bite that may take time and/or several visits to resolve.

Usually after the ridges have healed it is indicated to reline the immediate denture so that it is more closely adapted to the supporting ridge and gums. At this point the denture usually fits more securely, and can function as a conventionally made denture for an extended period of time, assuming you are satisfied with the esthetics.

It is important to be aware that you are an essential part of the success of immediate denture services. Everything may be done with excellence and you may still need time, perseverance and work to adapt to having the denture in your mouth and functioning in a satisfactory manner.
Immediate dentures often need to be relined or rebased because they get loose as the bone heals after teeth are removed. A relined or rebased immediate denture can be used for many years, although I recommend a new denture be made every seven years or so.

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