What are some complications related to edentulism treatment?

Complications related to treatment of edentulism, or removed natural teeth, include pain, inflammation, as well as infection caused by poorly-fitting dentures or dental implants. Edentulism is treated by replacing  missing teeth with dental implants or dentures.

If your dentures or dental implants are ill-fitting, gaps between your jaw and gum can trap infection, debris, and yeast. The resulting infection can turn into gum disease or periodontitis. You can also develop cheilitis, a painful cracking of the side of your mouth. See your dentist to make sure your dentures or dental implants fit correctly.
Dental implants and dentures may not always be the best option because of the possible complications associated with them. Some individuals cannot receive dental implants because of bone deterioration in the jaw resulting from osteoporosis or periodontal disease. With little to anchor the implants into, doctors cannot make your dental implants permanent.

Additionally, even dental implants and dentures have their side effects and you should still see a dentist if you have them. Poor care of dentures and dental implants leads to symptoms like pain, ulcers, gingivitis, yeast infection, and irritation.

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