What could happen if I choose not to have plate form dental implants?

The consequences of not having plate form dental implants vary depending on the type of problem that the implant would have fixed and the treatment option you choose instead of an implant. If you were considering getting a plate form dental implant to replace one or more lost teeth, doing nothing may cause more bone loss from the area where the tooth used to be, which may interfere with normal chewing and talking. It may also alter your appearance by increasing wrinkling around the mouth and giving lips a caved-in appearance. If you choose to get a bridge instead of implants, you run the risk of damaging the teeth surrounding the area of tooth loss, because the adjacent teeth are used as anchors for the bridge. Bridges often have to be replaced within a few years. If you choose a different type of implant than a plate form dental implant, you need to be sure that your jaw bone is large enough to support the other type of implant. Talk to your dentist about the best options for you.    

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