What is a fixed hybrid dental restoration?

Dr. Anthony Sclar
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

A complete set of beautiful upper or lower prosthetic teeth can be immediately fixed on four or more dental implants that have been securely anchored in the jaw. This is what is known as a fixed hybrid restoration or fixed hybrid denture, and it is recommended for those who have lost or are about to lose all of their upper or lower teeth. As in the case of a removable denture, the hybrid restoration supplies both new prosthetic teeth and gum tissue. This procedure provides a permanent functional dental restoration with unsurpassed esthetics, resulting in a dramatic quality of life improvement for patients.

The specialized implants are designed for immediate function and typically eliminate the need for bone grafting. Because the fixed hybrid restoration does not cover the palate of the mouth, patients are better able to enjoy the taste and temperature of foods.

If you still have a few of your natural teeth, they will be removed in the same surgery as the placement of the implants, and on the same day your new “fixed” restoration will be secured on the implants. The entire process, including any necessary extractions, can be completed in one day, typically using I.V. sedation, with minimal recovery time.

In my practice, patients receive a provisional fixed hybrid dental restoration on the day of surgery, and this provisional restoration is replaced by a permanent restoration approximately three months later. During the time the provisional is worn, the function and appearance of the restoration are observed and fine tuned so that when the permanent restoration is fixed on the implants, it meets all expectations.

The immediate delivery of an implant-supported hybrid restoration is an advanced procedure that is typically performed by a qualified interdisciplinary team, including an experienced Dentist, Implant Surgeon and Dental Technician. The procedure is variously referred to as “all-on-four dental implants,” “all-on-four dentures,” “one day teeth replacement,” and often in dental marketing as “same day smile” or “smile in a day.”

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