How will getting root form dental implants affect how my teeth look?

Jonathan H. Ross, DDS

This may seem like a simple question, but it does not deserve a simple answer. Root-form dental implants support prostheses to replace one or more teeth. When the implant is integrated within the jawbone it can potentially support a crown, bridge, partial denture, or full denture. The implant can only be successfully placed where there is enough volume of bone. That takes into account the distance between the neighboring teeth, the tooth it will bite against, the depth from the gum tissue to any nerve or bone cavity (sinus); and the width of the jawbone. Once the implant is placed it essentially cannot be moved. Therefore, if your teeth are crooked and there is too much or not enough space where the teeth are missing, you, your dentist, and any dental specialist involved will need to plan any tooth movement, restorations, or tissue augmentation. Once the implant is integrated the dentist's and surgeon's hands are tied and esthetics may be compromised.

So to answer your question, a well-placed implant can support an esthetic prosthesis that can improve how your teeth look. An improperly-placed or compromised implant can result in black spaces between your teeth, a gray hue in the gums, or even exposure of the implant itself. Also if the implant is placed too deep or too shallow, the lab technician will not be able to fabricate a cleansible, well-contoured crown.

Root form dental implants hold crowns that are shaped and colored to look like your real teeth. With root form dental implants in place, you will look like you have a full set of natural teeth.

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