How has tooth replacement advanced in recent years?

Peggy Rosen

Since the discovering of etching technique: using acid to etch the enamel, the dentist is able to bond the artificial tooth to adjacent teeth in some cases. 

The improvement of the implants technique helps expand the use of implants to be a standalone 1 unit as an anchor for a crown or dentures successfully.

Over the years, dentists have developed more options for replacing missing teeth. One of the oldest approaches is dentures, which are usually removable. They can be held in place with denture cream. Another option is a bridge, sometimes known as a fixed partial denture, in which one or more artificial teeth are attached to adjacent natural teeth. The third approach is an implant, in which an artificial tooth is supported by an anchor screwed into the jawbone. These approaches can be used in various combinations. For example, bridges can be attached to implant anchors.

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