How can I prevent problems with my fillings?

As hard and permanent as fillings appear on the outside, there is always the chance that the filling will crack, leak or fall out. The average amalgam filling lasts around 12 years; composite fillings last less than 12 years. Most people don't know if they have an amalgam filling or composite filling -- so they are unaware that they should be looking for signs of a cracked or leaking filling. At each dental visit, your dentist will check all of your fillings. Dental x-rays may give further information about condition of your fillings and if they are cracked. The x-rays can also show if there is decay on the tooth's surface under the filling. If you have tooth pain or sensitivity when drinking hot or cold drinks, see your dentist. You may have a crack or leak in your filling. Taking care of this problem early on may save you serious dental work down the road.

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Why are dental check-ups important if I have fillings?
Dr. Saul N. Miller, DDSDr. Saul N. Miller, DDS
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