How can I prevent a broken tooth?


The best way to prevent a broken tooth is to do the following:

  • avoid getting hit in the mouth
  • wear a mouthguard when involved in sports
  • avoid biting in extremely hard foods and objects
  • do not open bottles with your teeth
  • take good care of your teeth
  • have regular dental exams so that if fillings are necessary they can be kept as small as possible in order to keep the tooth as strong as possible
  • if a tooth is weak, or has an extremely large filling, consider having a crown placed to help prevent fracture
  • have a good diet that will does not promote decay
  • practice excellent home care to avoid decay and other dental problems
  • always take extra precaution when around swinging objects like bats, golf clubs, hammers, etc.


To prevent breaking a tooth, practice caution when playing sports, driving and eating.

When playing sports, especially contact sports, wear a mouth guard to avoid breaking your teeth. Every time you drive or ride in a car, put your children in car seats and wear your seatbelt to protect not only your teeth, but the rest of you, as well.

Even though hard candy might look delicious, be careful not to chew it. Also use caution when eating other hard foods, like raw carrots or candy apples.

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