How much does treatment for a cracked tooth cost?

Fees can vary based on geographic area, participation in insurance plans, and the type of doctor that performs the treatment. Specialists usually charge more than general dentists.

This site lists the average fees of various procedures by zipcode:
Is it a big crack? Does it go far below the gum? Do you get a sharp pain when you bite on it, but you don't feel a broken area? Is there any tooth left above the gum?

There are many factors to evaluate prior to making a diagnosis, prognosis and determination of the fee. Maybe the tooth can be filled, bonded, smoothed or maybe it needs a crown. Maybe the broken section must be removed and gum treatment is necessary, along with root canal treatment and a crown. Maybe the tooth requires extraction.

Fees for any dental service may vary depending on where you live or where your dentist is located (area of country, urban, suburban, center of town, etc.). In addition there are always going to be a range of fees for the same service. This may depend on the experience of the dental practitioner, materials used, esthetic demands of the procedure and complexity of the treatment or procedure.

You may be able to find average fees for dental treatment in your area, but as with most other things just because a product or service may be the cheapest, does not necessarily mean it is the best. Also, you must feel confident in the dentist providing your care.

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