How will I know if getting a metal dental crown was successful?

Success may depend on many factors and when you make the judgment.

It is important to be aware of the time, care and attention given to you during the crown procedures. You should see the crown prior to cementation and be sure that the bite feels natural and is not too tight against the adjacent teeth. Floss should go through the contact areas similar to other areas where teeth are against one another. Of course, the crown, even a metal crown, should appear natural in the mouth in relation to the other teeth and gums. If all these factors are satisfactory, along with the crown itself fitting well, there is a reasonable chance the crown will have a good prognosis.

There are always possible problems that may occur however. There may be sensitivity, recurrent decay, need for root canal, and porcelain fracture to name a few. These problems may occur at any time in the life of a tooth, whether it has been "crowned" or not. In our office we review all the potential problems that may affect the crown and tooth prior to starting the procedure.

Also, the patient plays an essential role in the long term success of a metal crown or any dental treatment. It is extremely important to brush thoroughly, floss and clean interproximally, in addition to having regular check-up visits to maintain teeth, crowns, fillings and gums.
You will know if your metal dental crown was successful if after it heals it feels like your other teeth and sits well with your natural bite. You can expect to feel some discomfort the day following your dental crown procedure while the area is healing. Once the swelling and inflammation has gone down your new metal crown should feel like the rest of your teeth and you should not feel any pain or discomfort. If the pain does not go away, your dentist may want to see you to make sure you do not have an infection. Be sure to regularly floss all your teeth, especially around the metal dental crown to keep away harmful plaque that could damage the tooth.

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