How long can a temporary crown last?

Temporary crowns are only made to last until your permanent crown is made by a dental laboratory; usually no more than a week or two.
Unfortunately, temporary crowns may last much longer than is best for the patient or the tooth. Temporary crowns are usually made for the period of time between when a tooth is prepared for a crown and when the "final" crown is cemented and delivered.

Temporary crowns left in the mouth for extended periods of time may, among other things, wear, fracture, leak (temporary cement washes out) and cause gingival irritation.

There are times when temporary crowns must be used for extended periods of time due a variety of reasons including ongoing periodontal treatment, endodontic treatment and need for further evaluation prior to continuing to "final" crown. It is important that the temporary crowns be maintained and modified as necessary during extended use.

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