How long do dental crowns last?

A dental crown may last for many years, but unfortunately it is not possible to guarantee a definite time period. In an ideal world your natural teeth and tooth structure should last for your lifetime, but decay, fracture and infection do occur -- as you may have noticed.

Just as you may have problem with your natural teeth, bridges and teeth with single crowns are subject to problems. These problems include recurrent decay, recession and exposure of crown margins, fracture or porcelain, periodontal disease and fracture of the teeth, to name a few. Remember your teeth are still under the crowns, and therefore problems can develop in addition to actual problems with the crowns themselves.

Regular check-ups and evaluations can go a long way to maintain extensive dental "work", and excellent home care is also essential in maintaining crowns and bridges for as long as possible.

Just as your car requires regular maintenance, your teeth, gums and restorations require regular continuing care to maintain optimum health.
Crowns, which cap a tooth that is too damaged to hold a filling, are expected to last about five to eight years. Many last much longer, though. Your dentist will check your crown at regular checkups, and if it is still working well, you may be able to keep it for many years. On the other hand, if you regularly grind your teeth, chew on ice, or bite your fingernails, your crown may need to be replaced even before five years is up.

Crowns last an average of ten to 15 years. The degree of home care and maintenance by the patient will impact the life span of the crown.

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