Can crown lengthening loosen my teeth?

It can under the right circumstances.

Soft tissue crown lengthening most likely won't cause the tooth to get loose. (This is where only the gum is trimmed or reshaped.)

Osseous crown lengthening (where supporting bone is removed) can loosen up a tooth.

It is important to determine how much bone is to be removed. If there is still plenty of root embeded in the bone (and the tooth is rock solid to begin with), the tooth should not be mobile.

If a large amount of bone has to be taken away to get down to good tooth structure, there is the potential that the tooth can become loose.
Crown lengthening will usually not loosen the tooth. Case selection is very important to determine if the tooth in question has adequate root length to support the crown that has been suggested or treatment planned. Without adequate root length and bone support, the restored tooth may become loose.

Crown lengthening is an important procedure to achieve adequate retention of the crown restoration on solid tooth structure. Just as a screwdriver, for example, has a metal collar at the bottom of the handle for strength and support, a crown must have enough "grip" around tooth structure for retention and support.
It's possible that a crown lengthening procedure can make a tooth loose. The procedure is designed to increase the height of the existing tooth by removing gum and bone around it. This allows a crown (also cap) to be more tightly fitted around the tooth. If the root of the tooth is short, the tooth can become loose and a crown lengthening procedure may not be advised.
Crown lengthening may cause the teeth to become loose if too much bone is removed.

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