What are the benefits of dental bridges?

Dental bridges (also called partial dentures) have several benefits. A dental bridge may help you chew your food easily and speak more clearly. From a cosmetic point of view, your smile may look healthier and more attractive with a bridge in place than with gaps in your teeth. A dental bridge also can help to maintain the natural shape of your face. Without a bridge, your other teeth can slowly shift out of their natural position, leading to potential future problems with your bite. Also, a dental bridge can make your bite more equal across all your teeth, helping you to distribute the force of your bite more equally when you eat.
A bridge can help to restore your smile and help maintain the shape of your face, as well as alleviate the stress in your bite by replacing missing teeth. A bridge replaces missing teeth with artificial teeth, looks great, and literally bridges the gap where one or more teeth may have been.

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How can dental bridges be formed?
Dental bridges are retained on natural teeth. Implants are retained on posts fixed in the jaw bone.
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What types of dental bridges are available?
Jerry P. Gordon, DMDJerry P. Gordon, DMD
The most common dental bridge is made of porcelain that is fused to a gold and other precious metal ...
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What is the process of obtaining a dental bridge?
Jonathan B. Levine, DMDJonathan B. Levine, DMD
The dental bridge is custom made to fill in the space with a false tooth. The false tooth is then at...
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What is a dental bridge?
American Dental AssociationAmerican Dental Association
A bridge is a dental appliance that replaces missing teeth with artificial teeth. Watch as Dr. Maria...
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