What can my loved one with dementia do while I'm on vacation alone?

Dr. Linda Ercoli, PhD
Psychology Specialist

If you are going on vacation alone without your loved one with dementia, you can consider respite care. This means your loved one takes a vacation somewhere while you're on a vacation. Their vacation is usually at a care facility, like an assisted-living center. Or, if they require more assistance, it may be at a skilled nursing home. Your loved one will be safe. There will be activities provided by people who are experts in caring for people with dementia.

Another option would be to have somebody come and stay with your loved one in your home. You’ll need to interview some individuals and choose someone who has training and can be at your house 24/7 caring for your loved one. You also could consider someone familiar to stay with your loved one. For example, a relative, as long as their house is safe and they are knowledgeable enough to care for your loved one while you're gone.

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