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What skin care ingredients can help treat skin around the eyes?

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    Dr. Anthony Youn - What skin care ingredients can help treat skin around the eyes?

    If dark bags under your eyes are aging you, there's help, says plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn. Watch the video to learn about eye creams that can help to erase years from your face.

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    A truly effective product is one that addresses all of the problems that are associated with the eye area.  These include: bags, puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and a lack of firmness and elasticity.   The best products both treat and protect the skin.  There should be an immediate and long-term benefit.  Some of the long-term benefits include:

    • Enhance lymphatic drainage to remove excess fluids and reduce puffiness (e.g hesperidin)
    • Strengthen capillary walls to prevent hemoglobin leakage (e.g. Vitamin K, rutinyl sulfate)
    • Inhibit the pigmentation process (e.g. licorice, ascorbic acid)
    • Bind iron to prevent greater oxidation of lipids (e.g. phytic acid, EDTA)
    • Stimulate collagen and elastin production to help firm the skin (e.g. peptides, retinol derivatives)
    • Provide required moisture content to thicken the skin and allow it to work properly (e.g.hyaluronic acid)
    • Constrict blood vessels and capillaries (e.g. caffeine)
    • Reduce inflammation and minimize histamine formation (e.g. allantoin, bisabolol, licorice, remove harmful emulsifiers and fragrances)
    • Protect the skin with physical UV filters and antioxidants (e.g. titanium dioxide, tocopherol)
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    To treat wrinkles around the eyes, look for hyaluronic acid, petrolatum, squalane, soya proteins, amino oligoelements, and ceramides in the skin care products used. To treat dark circles under the eyes, look for vitamin K, silica, hesperetin, and zinc oligopeptide in the skin care products used.
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    The skin around your eyes is more delicate, but unless you are massaging a thick balm on the rest of your face, the moisturizer you use on your face and neck has the same formulation and many of the same ingredients that you get in any eye cream. The same moisturizing ingredients can treat the fine lines and dryness around your eyes just as well as they take care of the same issues anywhere else on your face.
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