Should women shave their faces?

Some of the country’s most exclusive aestheticians are calling face shaving for women the secret to softer, smoother, perfectly exfoliated skin—with no risk of a 5 o’clock shadow.

Don’t reach for your guy’s Mach-3 just yet, though. The kind of shaving the experts are talking about is an ultra-precise method known as “dermaplaning,” and it’s done in a doctor or aesthetician’s office with a surgical (read: super sharp) blade.

“Dermaplaning is an effective method of exfoliation that produces equivalent results to other methods such as microdermabrasion or superficial chemical peels. It also removes facial hair at the same time,” dermatologist Arielle Kauvar, MD, director of New York Laser and Skincare, told us.

During a dermaplaning session, an aesthetician pulls skin taut and gently strokes the surgical blade over your face. (As you might have guessed, staying perfectly still is essential or you risk ending up with one heck of a shaving nick.) The blade removes the layer of dead skin that’s responsible for dullness and also helps prep skin for treatment products. “The stratum corneum is removed and this allows for excellent penetration of active ingredients,” says New Orleans dermatologist Mary Lupo, MD.

The blade also gets rid of tiny “vellous” hairs—aka the layer of fine “peach fuzz” that most of us tend of have. Some clients also say it helps their makeup go on smoother, since foundation or powder can’t cling to the little hairs.

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