If I have a Vata body type, how should I take care of my skin?

Vata skin needs to be nourished and hydrated. It is at risk for premature aging due to a deficiency of well-nourished tissues in the body. Vata skin tends to be dry, cracked, and thin. Because of its thinness, Vata skin types have easily seen blood vessels. Lips and fingernails tend to be somewhat pale due to poor circulation.

To look younger, Vata skin types should eat more whole grains, warm milk, and cooked vegetables. These are nourishing foods that are packed with nutrients and easy to digest. Also, ginger is a great food to replenish Vata skin because it helps increase metabolism and improve digestion, which impacts the color, thickness, and moisture of the skin.

Ashwaganda helps to ground Vata types, who are constantly moving and tend to spread themselves out too thin. In ayurveda, By reducing the excess mental activity of Vata individuals, ashwaganda helps their gut absorb nutrients better, making the skin look younger and less wrinkled. A typical starting dose for ashwaganda is 500mg twice a day.

Vata skin types should avoid raw vegetables because their digestion is not strong enough to break them down in order to get the nutrients.

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