If I have a Kapha body type, how should I take care of my skin?

Kapha individuals tend to have naturally beautiful skin that ages slowly. Their skin tends to be plump and full of moisture. However, out of balance, Kapha skin tends to accumulate more toxins that predispose them to large pores, skin growths, skin eruptions, and a grayish film. The main focus for Kapha skin types should be removing toxins.

Kapha skin types should favor spicy foods. The spicy food helps to stimulate their digestion and since Kapha individuals have the slowest metabolism, they need all the extra heat their food has to offer.

Kapha skin needs herbs that help boost metabolism to remove toxins from their body and help their skin look clearer and more vibrant. Kapha individuals should add black pepper and garlic to their meals. They should also take the supplement guggul, which helps remove toxins by regulating fat metabolism throughout the body. Start guggul at doses of 75-150 mg a day. However, don't take guggul if you are at higher risk of estrogen-sensitive cancers or are taking estrogen supplements. Also, if you are undergoing treatment or chemotherapy for cancer, discuss taking guggul or other supplements with your physician first.

Kapha skin types should avoid all heavy, oily foods because their skin already tends to be oily and their digestion slow.

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