What is a computed tomography angiogram?

A computed tomography angiogram is a medical scan that combines the use of a contrast dye injected into a vein in the arm, with computed tomography, a type of x-ray scanning that creates two- or three-dimensional images. The contrast dye highlights blood vessels in targeted areas of the body or brain.

Your doctor may refer you for a computed tomography angiogram to look for and/or diagnose:
  • an aneurysm (an enlarged blood vessel at risk of rupturing)
  • atherosclerosis (a condition in which blood vessels become narrowed by the build-up of fatty material inside of them) - abnormal blood vessels in your brain
  • blood vessels damaged by injury
  • blood clots that have formed in your legs and traveled to your lungs
  • a tumor and the blood vessels around it
  • congenital abnormalities of blood vessels
Computed tomography angiography can also be used to guide a surgeon during procedures to repair blood vessels, such as stent surgery, or for other procedures such as kidney transplants.

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