Will my primary care physician continue to follow me in critical care?

It really depends on your primary care physician's hospital privileges. If you have been emergently hospitalized at a facility where your primary care provider does not have privileges, your care will be directed by a physician in that facility. If you are able to, you should identify who your primary care doctor is and let the treating physician know that you would like communication about your condition to be shared with her. (Or better yet, have someone, if not you, let your primary care doctor know you've been hospitalized).

If, however, you are admitted to a facility where your primary care doctor does have privileges, at least you'll be able to have her visit, but it's unlikely your critical care treatment will be directed by him or her. That responsibility often goes to the critical care area physicians, often those who specialize in pulmonary or cardiac issues, to direct your care. 

The best strategy is to talk with your primary care doctor before you have any critical care admissions and make sure you are both clear on what her role will be. 

Joane Goodroe

Some primary care doctors do not see patients in the hospital. However, with your permission, the critical care physician will keep your primary care doctor informed of your progress. In some situations, your primary care doctor will see you while you are intensive care unit. Ask your doctor for clarification.


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