Can I hold my baby in the NICU?

It's suggested that mothers hold their premature baby as much as  possible.

Parents can hold their baby using "kangaroo care," or skin-to-skin care, in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Dr. Deborah Raines, MSN
Nursing Specialist

Whether or not parents can hold their baby in the NICU depends on the baby’s condition. Extremely sick babies often require treatment with multiple monitors, a ventilator, umbilical lines, special heating devices and other equipment that make moving the baby difficult. However, even the sickest babies benefit from human touch, such as holding their little hands or touching their head, and from hearing their parents’ voices. Then, once the baby’s condition improves the nurses will assist the parents to hold the baby. Many NICU’s encourage parents to use a kangaroo hold or skin to skin contact when holding infants in the NICU.

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