Will I continue to need ventilation after I am released from the ICU?

Julia Vicente, MSN
Critical Care Nursing
It is possible, depending on the situation that some patients might need ventilation (breathing support) outside of the ICU. In unstable, acute situations patients must remain in the ICU when they need ventilation with a breathing tube and machine. However, when patients are stable and have tracheostomies and they no longer need critiacl care, patiente can move to step-down units or even to long term vent weaning facilities where nurses, doctors , and therapists work with patients to make them stronger and hopefully able to not have the artficial tubes. Some patients are stable but might need the support of a bipap or Cpap machine outside of an ICU. Some of this also depends on the facility. In a high-volume area with adequate support, stable patients might have ventilation outside of the ICU; whereas, in other facilities, all patients needing ventilation support might be treated in the ICU exclusively.

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