What are the benefits of cosmetic plastic surgery?

Stuart A. Linder, MD
Plastic Surgery
The benefits of cosmetic surgery include greatly enhanced self-esteem and body self image. Our goal, as board-certified plastic surgeons is to create normalcy, proportionality, and improve the patients self esteem. Patients must have realistic expectations and be good candidates for the surgery they choose.
Many patient satisfaction surveys and quality of life outcome studies have shown that patients enjoy genuine improvements in body image and a greater satisfaction with one's position in life after cosmetic surgery. It's a cliche, but I often say that plastic surgery doesn't add years to your life, but it can add life to your years. Quality of life, not vanity, is the main decision-making factor for the vast majority of plastic surgery patients.
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Like it or not, self-esteem is linked to body image. And so teenagers who have the shape of their noses surgically improved can evolve from introverts to extroverts. And women who have breast augmentations can better fill out clothing. And those who have enormous breasts know that breast reductions decrease symptoms of back and neck pain and improve exercise tolerance. And tummy tucks can improve posture and decrease back pain. And eyelid lifts can actually improve vision and decrease symptoms of dry eye syndrome. And the list goes on.

A while back, I published a study that documented an improvement in happiness and a decrease in depressive symptoms following all sorts of cosmetic surgery. That study has been corroborated by many others. These reports should not be taken lightly.

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