What are the different types of reconstructive surgery procedures?

Stuart A. Linder, MD
Plastic Surgery

Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons perform multiple reconstructive procedures throughout the face and body. Starting in the facial region, cranial facial reconstructive surgeons can reconstruct craniosynostosis or birth defects of the skull on babies. They can also perform reconstruction of the midfacial region, including syndromes including Apert, Crouzon and Treacher-Collins syndrome. Reconstruction of defects of the hand due to congenital anomalies including syndactyly are performed by plastic surgeons. Reconstruction of the breasts for patients having Poland syndrome with an absence of one side can be performed to construct and create symmetry.  Reconstruction for burn victims is performed everyday throughout the world on victims of severe burns including debridement, skin grafts, and flap reconstruction. Reconstruction for cancer, including breast reconstruction postmastectomy, is performed with implants, autologous flaps, as well as free flap microvascular reconstruction. Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons are trained in both cosmetic as well as reconstructive surgical procedures in order to recreate a normal appearance to men, women, and children worldwide.

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