What kitchen tools can I purchase to help prepare healthier meals?

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD
Family Medicine
One of the best kitchen tools you can purchase to help prepare healthier meals is an immersion blender, for making mashed veggies, soups, and smoothies. In this video, functional medicine expert Mark Hyman, MD, shares his favorite blended recipes.
Sarah Krieger
Nutrition & Dietetics
Most cooking tools that inspire cooking are best! Some favorites I recommend to clients are:
  • A citrus zester or microplane: adding fresh orange, lemon, lime or grapefruit zest perk up salads, fresh fruit, meats, fish, cooked grains and vegetables 
  • A knife sharpener: eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables is key to good health, so invest in a basic chef's knife and paring knife you enjoy using-keeping knives sharp is key to easy slicing and chopping 
  • Silpat liners for baking pans: these amazing liners can be used over and over again for roasted vegetables, low-fat cookies, baked chicken without using a lot of added fat.
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
How you cook, and what you cook with, can have a huge impact on your health – including your risk of cancer. In this video, Dr. William Li, cancer researcher and Dr. Oz Show guest, reveals two cooking tools you should have in your cancer-fighting arsenal.
Lisa Lillien
Nutrition & Dietetics

There are lots of trendy cooking gadgets in the store, but not all of them pay off in improved health. In this video, "Hungry Girl" author Lisa Lillien discusses the inexpensive items she uses for whipping up tasty meals.

Rose Reisman
Nutrition & Dietetics
I love a day when I get the opportunity to show fellow Canadians all the kitchen gadgets out there that will allow them to eat healthier, without any absence of flavour.

Tyfal makes a great automatic French fry cooker that only needs 1 tbsp of oil for two pounds of sliced potatoes. Just season them with your favourite herbs, salt and pepper, garlic and parmesan cheese. For sweet potatoes, try cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, olive oil and maple syrup. It only takes about 25 minutes and you won’t believe how delicious they are. You may never go back to deep fried potatoes again!

How about a weekend brunch when you feel like a cheese and vegetable omelette or some chocolate chip waffles. But you’re just feeling a little too lazy to watch over the eggs and waffles so they don’t burn! Cuisinart comes to your rescue with their duel waffle, omelette or frittata appliance. I have now made over 20 varieties of omelettes using my favourite cheeses, meats and roasted vegetables. My kids love the waffles with pure maple syrup poured over. The best part is that I’m reading my newspaper or listening to the radio until the “beep beep” goes off indicating “breakfast is ready”. Just love it!!

Saturday night my hubbie and I love to just relax and watch a movie. What’s a movie without popcorn? But those microwavable ones have so many additives and fat, they’re not a healthy snack. My $15.00 popcorn maker is perfect for 8 cups of air popped popcorn. So you must be wondering how I add the flavour without all the movie theatre grease?! I spray some vegetable oil over the popcorn along with kosher salt and some finely grated parmesan cheese with a little chili powder. It takes all of 3 minutes and the price is way cheaper!

And finally when you want to start eating better there’s nothing like perfectly steamed veggies, rice and fish. I have an electric 3 tier steamer that does it all. The rice goes on the top tier in a pan with water, the asparagus and bell peppers are on the 2nd tier and the fish with some hoisin sauce is on the bottom.

A complete dinner in about 15 minutes! What could be better? Bon appetit!
If you’re trying to stock your kitchen with a variety of tools that will support healthy menus, consider the following items:
  • A good set of sharp knives to help you peel and cut up fruits and vegetables
  • A zester to help you flavor recipes with the zest of lemons, limes or oranges
  • Non-stick frying pans, saucepans and bakeware to help you cut down on using oils and fats in cooking
  • The Grant Howard Oil Press and Measure, which helps you to measure out portion controlled amounts of oils
  • The William-Sonoma Twist ‘n Sparkle, which allows you to add fizz to plain water or water you flavor with a bit of juice
  • The Zoku popsicle maker, which allows you to make frozen popsicles from juices, yogurts
  • A slow cooker which will allow you to make soups, stews and chili with minimal effort and with less use of oils
  • Non-stick muffin tins since store bought muffins are notoriously calorie and oil heavy. You can use whole grain flour, apple butter, fruits and nuts to make homemade healthier versions
  • A variety of fresh and dried herbs -- a homemade herb garden
  • A variety of cookie cutters to turn plain sandwiches into fun creations
  • A microwave popper so you can make healthier popcorn without oil

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