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How do I replace egg yolks in recipes?

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  • The fat and cholesterol is found in the egg yolks, not the whites. That's why you can use egg whites abundantly in place of egg yolks in many recipes. Here are some tips to enjoy eggs in moderation:
    • Use two egg whites in place of one whole egg in breads, pancakes, casseroles, cookies, cakes and other recipes that call for whole eggs.
    • Try a cholesterol-free egg substitute in place of whole eggs. Usually 1/4-cup of egg substitute equals one whole egg. Check the package instructions to be sure.
    • In recipes that call for two or more eggs, substitute some of the whole eggs with egg whites. For example, instead of two whole eggs, use two egg whites and one whole egg. This method works well for scrambled eggs, quiches and omelets.
    As with all foods, eating whole eggs in moderation can fit into a healthful eating plan. Following these tips can help you enjoy eggs and keep your cholesterol under control.
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