How can I cook fresh, homemade meals if I'm a busy mom?

Sarah Krieger
Nutrition & Dietetics
As a busy mom of 3, I find the following solutions work pretty well.
  • When you have a chunk of time: 2-3 hours or so on a weekend, try preparing 2-3 meals at the same time. While a pot of marinara sauce is simmering, start a pot of pasta and another pot of brown rice. Meanwhile, roast a chicken in the oven with a bunch of carrots, potatoes and other vegetables your family loves. It may sound like a lot is going on, but these foods cook themselves, you just need to stand by! Pasta, rice and roasted vegetables will last 3-4 days in the fridge. Freeze what you won't eat in the next few days for lovely meals in a month or two.
  • When your weeknights are busy, stick with easy, nutritious meals: chicken shredded from the roasted chicken you made and tossed with BBQ sauce and served on whole grain rolls with a salad on the side or toss fresh, chopped tomatoes (that the kids helped to chop!) and add to the pasta with fresh basil and shredded cheese, for example.
  • Plan ahead, create a few menus with your family and everyone will benefit!

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